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 Spring 2010 Garden Upgrade

In the Spring of 2010 I had a brain Fart like no other, I decided to go ahead and start my "Garden Project". It was a complete overhaul of my entire garden. I wanted to maximize my space, and utilize every nook and cranny. Certain parts for veggies, culinary herbs, magical herbs, fruits, etc.
You get the idea. I started this project round abouts, oh...early May. I didn't really finish until September. Well, actually as any gardener will tell you, "Is it ever really finished?". Anyways, I was tired of fighting with weds, since before we built our home, this part of the land had been field at one time, so you can imagine the fight for space with the weeds. Since I don't ever spray or use any chemicals, I had to figure out a way to win my battle.

I laid ground cover down and started to cart in pea gravel by the wheelbarrow load into the garden and laying into the walk ways and paths. Whew...can you say sore? I would say it took me about 3 weeks to finish that part of the job.

Next came the fencing, (we have a major deer problem) which by the way was a small feat in itself. Since I am a cheapo, well...I prefer frugal. I dug and installed all the posts myself. We have hard clay here and lets just say it was like digging through a block of concrete.

In the end the fencing was put up, and I added herb beds to the outside of the garden gate (maximizing space) hehehehe.

All in all, I think it came together quite nicely. Making a magical space is hard work, but of course I wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope to have more pictures of my garden this spring,in all it's glory.

Our first Harvest of spring greens, and boy were they good. We ate plenty off of this planting for quite some time.

My daughter feeding her many chickens. (and ducks) Since then We have built 2 new coops and runs for all the ladies and fellas of the flock. They are so much fun to have around and of course the eggs aren't bad either.;)