Blessed Yule Everyone

YULE Blessings!

My gosh, I haven't posted anything since May. Yipes! I have been trying to get my shit together ever since it seems. My grandfather was in and out of the hospital for some time, and finally in September, we brought him home where he peacefully left us. It will be a somber Yule for us this year, as it will be the first without him. My heart seems to ache every time I think of him, and how much my daughter misses him so, and of course I do as well, I was close with all my grandparents, and am thankful, my daughter was blessed with the time she did get to spend with him. So hold your loved ones close this time of the year!

I also managed to stop smoking......finally, it only took me a Ga-Zillion tries to get it right.

Oh the freedom from it all! I quit on October 18th. What a great time to quit, the smell of the autumn leaves was blissful. Now of course, the smell of the YULE tree is splendid as well. I probably should take a few pictures of the humble abode, all decked out this season. I think I just might do that, I just thought I'd popp in and let everyone know , that YES, I still am alive.

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