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Hand carved Kitchen Witch Essential Tools

Here are a few tools I have in my own kitchen. I handcarve all these, and they take me a bit, but well worth the effort when I'm done. I decided to make them available on my Etsy Store. So if you have to have some magikal tools of your own, you know where to get them!

My Sabbat & Esbat Scroll Project

I started this project before Yule 2010. Unfortunatly I didn't get it completed until after. Not to mention I still have to add the finial ends to my scrolls and some satin cording to hang it with.
My goal is to do a scroll for each sabbat & esbat. So that I can change them out on my wall as the Wheel spins round. Sometimes i think I bite off more than I can chew, but "meh" keeps my mind sharp and my hands always busy. I will of course add more pictures as i complete each scroll.

This drawing is done with Graphite pencil and ink. The ink being used for the calligraphy.


Magik Chicken Stick & Besom Broom Project

After a few days of these limbs leaning up against my house and much contemplating on what I could do with them, I settled on the idea of making some nice walking sticks with them.

My daughter is always grabbing a stick from the yard to chase and herd her chickens into the coop with, and easily gets frustrated when they don't go where she wants them to, sooooo, with that I made her her very first magic chicken stick, complete with whimsical carvings (dremmel tool) and stuff she wanted to put into it.

The other had me boggled, it was meant to be my walking stick, but after much consideration and prompting from my husband that the oak limb had indeed a "seat". So I set off to make a Besom broom to adorn my wall with. Hope you enjoy the pics!

My daughter's Magik Chicken Stick on the left.

Close-up of detail carving on the chicken stick

and last but not least, my broom adorning my wall.

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