Witches Brew Book of Shadows.com now open!

It's been awhile, but I finally got the majority of the Pages done. My website is up and running, and soon will have more goodies in it, such as more pagan art, handmade soaps, creams, lotions, magical and medicinal herbs. I am also moving articles from this blog to the new one located at my site.
I hope you stop by and give it a peek.

Click on the banner below to visit my new website.

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MidnightSage said...

Congratulations!! I wish you much success with your new endeavor. I'm off to check it out. :)

witchesbrew said...

Thank you so much MidnightSage.:)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Lovely! I checked out your site and, my gods, I love it. I might have left a nose print on my screen when I tried to smell the lavender soap.

The best of luck with this new endeavor. I'm stealing the button and will keep an eye on you ;-)

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