Adventures in soap making.

I just love to make homemade things. So I embarked on a soap making adventure. And I gotta say, I love it, another addiction perhaps? yes I think so!!!!!! This is my first batch, and it turned out friggin awsome! Of course, no fancy molds, or packaging, but the functionality of the soap is what counts. It lathers beautifully, and get you clean as a whistle. I even used it on my hair and didnt even need conditioner, the comb went right thru.

You can snag a bar, or 2 or 3, at my shop on etsy. Well worth the buck, they are good size bars.

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MidnightSage said...

Your soap looks awesome! Its so fun isn't it? I've been making soap for years and turned it into a nice business but i'm retired now and only make it for our own use and for fun. Enjoy making it!!

witchesbrew said...

yes it is! So many ways to experiment.....I definatly will have fun making it...thank you!


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