Misery be gone!

This has got to be the most miserable few weeks....ever. I receive a call from school saying my daughter is sick and running a fever of 101. That was the start of the sickness here at my house. Her fever and coughs ran for about 3 days. Me on the other hand, I have been hopping up on my echinacea and goldenseal tinctures, to keep this at bay, since Mama can't get sick right now...it just wouldn't be a good thing.

So all thing going well, mama decides to quit smoking once and for all....(my one and only vice, well.....next to any shiny object mama finds appealing..LOL) 3 days into my quit smoking program, who comes down with what feels like bronchitis? Yea....peachy for me! Last night was the most awful, sleep I have ever experienced. My daughter was in the middle this time, cuz she couldn't sleep for some reason. LOL So if it wasn't, getting up to pee every hour on the hour from the mega amounts of herbal tea I had just drunk before bed, to getting that "AHHHHHHHH! I wish my snot pump would stop dripping, to that unbearable cough waking me up.

Finally I think I had drained my bladder for the last time, and got so sick of just laying my head down on my pillow, and having my nose start to run again, that I crammed a giant piece of toilet paper up my nostril and forgot about the whole thing! My husband asked me why I had a chunk of toilet paper hanging from my nose, and received a "shut the hell up, I am not in the mood look". I was too tired to even care.

This morning, I woke up, stiffer than a board, and my head pounding, no doubt from the many gallons of snot that was still in my head, coughing and hacking uncontrollably. BUT Mama trucks on, she pops a few aspirins, makes herself a strong cup of coffee, and squeezes a dropperful of echinacia and goldenseal tincture into her cup, swigs it down, and throws on her lavender rubber boots and coat and goes out to do the morning chores.......I am woman..hear me roar.....or cough or hack.....LOL

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Anonymous said...

I've known many people who have quit smoking and within days developed "flu like" symptoms. I've heard its the toxins leaving your body.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. A sickhouse is a miserable thing in the Spring.

witchesbrew said...

You know, I beleive this..... what a coincky dink to have stopped then gotton so sick. It's all in my throat too and chest, a big lump, just like bronchitis and feels like the flu.

But I believe I'm better off without those puffy treats, I feel it's a small price to pay (being sick)for clean lungs again.

Thanks for the well wishes Dark Mother.


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