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Well, I have been super busy these last few weeks, what with the gardening season fast approaching and Easter with the fam. Yes, I decided to have the big Easter celebration here at my home, after all I have been avoiding any holiday celebrations here for the last 5 yrs or so, simply because i feel it is a big hassle. Getting everything ready, cleaning, cooking, etc, etc.

But this year, I didn't sweat it much, since I was only having my family over, I felt I didn't need to have the house absolutely spotless, since my family could give a rip...LOL Not that my house is every really in upheaval, just I don't go the extra mile to make it sparkle when my family comes over, verses, both sides of the family and friends being over. You get my point.

I just didn't have the energy to move every pencil, eraser, and sketch book off the surrounding tables in the living room, nor the many herbal books and gardening books I had left sit, when rummaging thru them...(it is a seasonal thing with me, every garden season, i dig thru my books, in anticipation for the upcoming spring planting...anal I know...LOL)

Now, I have been working on yet another project as of late (which by the way has kept me busy as hell!) hence the pencils, sketchbooks, erasers and other such artistic paraphernalia. I got to thinking, and with much prodding from my husband and mu father over the years, I decided to put up a website, and sell my botanical art, and other botanical related artwork. So you can imagine the upheaval that comes with such a venture. (sigh)

Not only did I have to clear out my closet, yet again, in search of more hidden botanical drawings, that had long been forgotton, but I also had to dig out a much retired scanner to scan my artwork with., wow, talk about a dinosaur! Then it was a trip t the print shop, deciding what paper I wanted to get them printed on, what sizes to offer, then figuring shipping, for the website, and designing the website itself. Good Gawdess!

I feel like my brain is now mush. Seriously. However,......I do have a better understanding on how things work, and think I didn't do a shabby job. This website is not witchy related, and I took alot of my blogging articles and posted related botanical material over there as well, but If you would like to check it out, here's the link : Garden Botanical Art

I would like to start on a pagan based website soon, as I mentioned in a post some weeks back, I would like to sell my book of shadow pages and I hope my own site would do better for me than using etsy. I like etsy, but I find that having your own website, makes it much easier. It's an all in one stop, and I will be listing not only artwork, but other crafts there as well. (Crossing fingers and hope it turns out the way I have it in my mind LOL)

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MidnightSage said...

Hey Jo, thank you for your words of wisdom regarding making a situation go away, and you are absolutely right! Think i'll get started on that today. lol And that would be so cool if you made your own website!! Can't wait to see your art and other pagan goodies :)

witchesbrew said...

Thanks Midnightsage,

Regarding making the problem go away, I figured I would throw the idea out there for you. I just felt that you had way to many options regarding that issue. I hate seeing anyone, feeling that there isn't anything that they can do. When there is. Even if it is something as small as a spell to give your daughter strength and courage to do the right thing. That in itself can go a long way.

I hope all goes well for you and yours.
Much love and bright blessings

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