The Boogie Man

Meet Bluto - a.k.a. The Boogie Man

He spends his days snoozing and chasing chipmunks. He spends his nights under my daughter's bed.
(Doesn't he look dapper in his top hat?)

May the Goddess help whom ever shall venture into my daughter's room unannounced. For when the Boogie Man peers out from under her bed at any unsuspecting visitor, it's "turn tail and run".

Just the sight of him is frightful. His head is gigantic, with peircing eyes, and strong physique.
But not to worry........He's a true posy...a regular pushover, with a fondness for pepperjack cheese, sneeking a nap on my husband's side of the bed, and oh yes, did I mention he is a drooler?

He's the gentlest, corniest, jughead of a canine I have ever had the pleasure of sharing our home with.

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