Celebrating Imbolc?

February 2nd

Imbolc is coming up fast. I for one have my hubby working on a shelf to use as my new alter. This year I decided to move it to my "bare" wall. I have always had ideas for this wall but never made them come to fruition. This year, I am bound and determined to make it happen.

On this wall, along with my besom broom, will be my Sabbat scrolls that I have been working on, a wooden shelf to use as my alter,and if I have time...LOL which I always spread myself very thin here.....I would like to have the wheel of the year. Granted I haven't started it yet, but the thought is there. I might have to throw one together quick, just to pull the whole thing together. I will also be changing out my front door wreath to something a lil more appropriate. I have yet to take down my Yule decorations.....(yipes)

I am also going to do a few things with my daughter this year, since she is old enough to understand and participate. I got an idea from  on about.com. She gave a really neat idea on how to make a "How To Make a Priapic Wand" which i would love to try with my daughter.  Then we'll light every candle in the house, and light one outside in our tree lantern for good measure.  Then I'll be teaching her how to make a Brigid's Cross just to do something crafty. Should be great fun.

For the meal I am going to make a small ham, since lamb is pretty scarce around here. Some yummy garlic and cheese mashed potatoes with a side of chive sour cream, carrots, and fresh baked bread. Possibly with some garlic butter. Nummy.

(sigh) So much to do and only a short amount of time...BUT I am woman, here me roar. hahaha

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