Cabin Fever?

Up here in the "WAY NORTH" it gets pretty, well, dull. We call it cabin Fever. It's when you can't wait for warm weather and need to get outside! As much as I just love the changing of the seasons and seeing the Wheel turn round, I AM NOT a  big fan of snow. Yes it looks magical. Newly fallen snow laying on the pine bows, everything blanketed in white sparkling fluff. Everything is in it's winter slumber.
As I walk out to do my nightly feeding and check on our chickens at about 3.45 PM I snap this picture.
I continue on my merry way carrying my water bucket with fresh water for the chicks, when i slip and fall in all that lovely white stuff, and I HATE it all over again!!!!! hahahahahahaha!

Oh how I despise cold snow stuck onto every part of my body that wasn't covered. It's cold, and it stings! Despite my mood change from happy go lucky to grumpy in a matter of 2.5 seconds, I brushed the snow off, mumbled a few choice words and trucked forward. I managed to keep the bucket of water from spilling however and saved myself a trip back to the water spicket, so that was a good thing.

As I make my way into the garden, I notice that there is nobody in sight. Nobody meaning the chickens. I thought what a bunch of ninnies! LOL Well, they aren't the smartest bunch of chickens, but smart enough to stay indoors. Whenever there is a snow fall they too despise getting the fluffy stuff stuck to there feet.

The only one out and about when I called was Waylon, our 8 month old Orpington Roo. The others just peaked out from under him as if to say, "oh it's only you, but sorry we aren't setting foot outside today". It didn't take to long however when the food hit the feeders for them to be persuaded to come out and grab a bite to eat and fill there gizzards, and grab a sip of water.

 Even Winston and his ladies made there way out of their coop to grab a bite to eat, much to the disdain of the hens who, with much effort, leaped from the ramp onto the feeders without even touching the snow covered ground. I had to chuckle. Because after my experience rolling around in the snow myself, I could relate.

As I was getting ready to shut them in for the night, after waiting about 10 minutes for them to finish there meal, a loud squawk came from all the roosters, almost all at once and with heads cocked to one side, and one eye on the sky, they sounded the alarm. At first I couldn't find anything of threat flying around, but then I seen him. A red tailed hawk, swooping in, no doubt eyeing up what would have been a free meal. He perched high up into our pines and sat waiting.

With all the racket going on in the coop runs, he flew away. I don't blame him, I could barely hear a thing with the sounding of the alarm going on all at once. I ushered them back into there coops and locked them up for the night. Snug as a bug in a rug inside. They all were perched quietly beneath there heat lamps and were already dozing off for the night.

As I headed back to the warmth of our own house it got me thinking. It must be a bummer for them not being able to get out and pick around like they do in the spring, summer, and fall. During the winter even though I have tried to let them out, they will not venture out of their coop door, and out onto the snow covered lawn. Again, I can relate. Why would they? There is nothing for them to do. There is nothing for me to do really outside either. As many things as I have to putter around with inside. I still long for spring to get here.

I get all excited when I start to get seed catalogs in the mail. The pages get wore out from flipping thru them on a daily basis. I know not to jump the gun and start my seedling now, I did that one year and by the time it was ready for planting they were so leggy that I had a heck of a time getting them out of the pots. LOL Right around March is when I start planting my seedlings, to get a head start in come May. Up here in Wisconsin, the usual planting date is after Labor day. A rule of thumb so to speak, but it usually never ends up being that way. I have planted after Labor day and still we have had bouts of heavy frost. Good thing I am a watchful Gardener, otherwise my seedlings would have met their demise, if I hadn't covered them.

But, that is 2 months away yet, before i can start my seeds....(sigh) so hard to wait. It is almost as if the mind goes stir crazy, being cooped up in the house for such a long period, while the snow covers the ground. Every year I wait to walk outside and take a deep breath and smell that Ole familiar smell. Spring is in the air. Once that smell is there, you know it won't be to long before the snow reseeds and the first flowers of spring will soon be here. Until patience is wearing thin. ;)

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