Wheel of the Year Project

As I mentioned in my "Celebrating Imbolc?" post, I wanted to start yet another project. So, I got to thinking and mulling an ides over in my mind of what I would like my Wheel of the Year to look like. Much to my husbands dismay, as I am always getting him to start new and exciting projects with me, (actually, he was all to willing to help me with it, he's very suppotive in everything I do, and since the ol'e eye roll was just for show, he thought it was a pretty neat idea) I started puttering around our basement, digging around to find things that might be of use to my new project. Then I got the "what are you looking for now" from hubby.

Well, glad you asked dear husband! LOL Then that's when I put him to work. It's so fun having a handy man around the house! So here is the project so far. These are the pieces that will be going on the top and bottom of the frame. I cut the pattern out ahead of time. and put these pieces together to get them the way I wanted them to look.

Here they are with my pattern. The wheel will be in the middle of course, and the wheel itself will turn independently. Allowing me to change it with the changing seasons.
At least that's the plan...hehe

A close up view of the top and bottom.

And here is my dear hubby cutting out the base frame for my wheel. Bless his lil heart.

And here is the frame, cut out and ready to receive a good sanding and getting it ready for the veneer. Which will be put on and clamped down to dry. I will post more pictures as the project progresses.

I really can't wait till this project is finished, I am very excited about it. The whole thing will be stained, then hand painted. I am not sure on the design yet, but I am sure it will come to me sooner or later. Most times I like to just wing it. My best work is done this way...LOL

I hope you've enjoyed it so far.

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