What a blah day.

Today was an absolute Blah, Blah, Blah day. Ugh...I hate it when I feel like this. It must be the weather. So hum drum, don't know what to do with myself kinda day. Yes I have been working on my projects, but when the break is needed I take it, after all the paint has to dry! LOL

I stand with my cup of coffee, my mind wandering, wondering when the weather will change. Gosh, how I hate being stuck indoors during winter. The colder months are just a downer for me. It's almost like taking an animal from the wild.....ok, so bad comparison, but you get my drift. By the way, it is going to be getting mighty cold up here in the great white covered North. They are talking temperatures as low as 40 below with wind chill.......yucko! Yet another reason for me to hate this blasted winter. We always say up here, that when you walk outside and you hear the snow squeak when you walk...it is very cold, that and when you can't feel your lips move when you talk. hahahaha

Any who...enough of my complaining......I have gotten my wheel somewhat put together, and a design started on it. It didn't take me to long to figure out what I wanted, and it looks cool. Although I can tell it has been awhile since I painted. My neck is literally killing me. BUT, it is all worth it, nothing like a sense of accomplishment. So enough of my ramblings for tonight. Ta ta all.

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